Water Services - Bay Center & Lebam

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  • History

In the 1930's, residents of Bay Center got together and constructed a water system to replace the existing individual wells. Most homes had wells that were approximately 18 feet deep, which were susceptible to contamination by on-site sewage systems, resulting in a great deal of sickness in the area. Several local individuals provided funding for materials and the community banded together to dig ditches and lay pipe under the stipulation that rates would be established to collect the money to pay back the original investors.

Over time, those who funded the project were eventually reimbursed, however the system began having trouble when some people either fell behind in payments or never paid at all. By the late 1930's, Pacific County PUD #2 was asked to acquire the system and in October 1939, received a $1,600 grant from the Dept. of Social Security to help fund the acquisition. The cost for the water system assets was $3,000.

To fund the balance of the water system purchase, the District issued $1,400 worth of utility revenue warrants in $5, $10 and $20 denominations. Mr. W.L. Diehl was appointed manager of the Bay Center Water System at a salary of $20 per month.

Over the years, the system has expanded to serve 175 residential and 21 commercial customers, with two wells, two pressure storage tanks and a distribution system of about five miles.  

  • Service Area

The current and future service area as approved by the Water System Advisory Committee and the District is encompassed within Sections 8 & 17, Township 13 N. , Range 10 W. W.M.  This service area includes the area designated as the Bay Center Rural Activity Center (RAC) by the October 1998 Pacific County Comprehensive Plan  as well as areas outside of the RAC that are currently served by the District. The service area is bounded by Willapa Bay and the Palix River and includes approximately 740 acres varying in elevation from sea level to approximately 40 feet above. 

  • Existing Systems

The Bay Center Water System consists of two separate well systems; a primary and backup system.

The upper well (backup well) is located inside a well house. The 500 foot well has a 6 inch casing and was drilled in 1939. The new well (primary well) is nearly 400 feet deep with an 8 inch casing that was drilled in 2005.

The Lebam Water System was developed by Pacific County throughout 2002 and 2003 and began supplying water to many residents in the unincorporated community of Lebam in November of 2003. There are presently 3 wells and a spring that now supplies water to approximately 63 customers in Lebam.

The Public Utility District #2 of Pacific County assumed operation of the Lebam system in 2004 and the Wilson Point water system in 2011.