New Customers

New to the area?

Complete the Residential Application and return it to our office via mail, email, or fax. This application provides the PUD with important information required to contact you in case of emergency. It is the customer's responsibility to keep this information up to date. Once it is received a Customer Service Representative will contact you to verify the information and discuss securing your account with a credit check or deposit.

Don't know if you are a Peninsula Operations Center (POC) or Willapa Operations Center (WOC) Customer?

PUD #2 provides electric service to most of Pacific County with the exception of the North Cove/Tokeland area. For clarification purposes, customers on the Long Beach Peninsula, including Chinook to the Astoria-Megler Bridge are Peninsula Operations Center (South County) customers. Those located in Naselle, Nemah, Bay Center, South Bend, Raymond, Willapa Valley, etc. are Willapa Operations Center (North County) customers. The District does not serve the North Cove/Tokeland area (served by Grays Harbor PUD).

  • Peninsula Operations Center:

    Mail: PO Box 619 Long Beach, WA 98631
    Phone: (360)642-3191
    Fax: (360)642-9388

  • Willapa Operations Center:

    Mail: PO Box 472 Raymond, WA 98577
    Phone: (360)942-2411
    Fax: (360)875-9388

Important Billing & Meter Information

Meters are read and billed once per month. Each account will be charged a one-time $25.00 Account Service Charge on the first billing statement.

Customers must provide clear 24-hour access to their electric meter for readings and emergencies. If your meter is located behind a locked gate please complete the Key Agreement Form and provide a key or access code to your local office. This includes notifying the PUD of any dogs that meter readers may come in contact with. The meter is owned by the District however the meter base is the customer or homeowner's responsibility to maintain. If a meter base is found to have damage of any kind it will need replaced. A minimum fee of $165 will be charged to customers found tampering with their meter.

Residential customers are billed a Basic Charge, energy consumption (per kWh), and applicable city and state taxes. Your bill will be due on the same day each month, which is determined by your service address. You can choose from one of four alternate due dates by signing up for ACH and paperless billing. If your balance remains unpaid 5 days after your next month's bill is issued, a late fee will be assessed.

Raymond Office

Telephone: (360) 942-2411
Email: North County Customer Service
Naselle (Local Only): (833) 484-7454

405 Duryea St.
PO Box 472
Raymond, WA 98577
FAX - (360) 875-9388
Hearing & Speech Impaired Dial 711

Office Hours: Mon.-Thu. 7:00AM to 6:00PM

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Long Beach Office

Telephone: (360) 642-3191
Email: South County Customer Service

9610 Sandridge Road
PO Box 619
Long Beach, WA 98631
FAX - (360) 642-9389
Hearing & Speech Impaired Dial 711

Office Hours: Mon.-Thu. 7:00AM to 6:00PM