Energy Services

You Can Make A Difference!

This is your chance to support environmentally preferred power that is clean, renewable energy generated from wind, solar, geothermal and small hydro projects that have minimal impact on the environment.

A survey showed that our customers wanted the option to buy environmentally friendly power. The PUD was able to reach an agreement with the Bonneville Power Agency to offer our residential and business accounts the opportunity to purchase green power. There is no limit on how much you can buy.

Click here to download our Green Power brochure
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100 Kilowatt Hours:

$1.05 per month


200 Kilowatt Hours:

$2.10 per month


300 Kilowatt Hours:

$3.15 per month


400 Kilowatt Hours:

$4.20 per month


500 Kilowatt Hours:

$5.25 per month

Other: Add $1.05 per

100 kilowatt hours



The amount that you choose will be added to your monthly PUD bill. You can cancel your subscription at anytime in writing to the PUD.

"How do I know I am receiving Green Power?"

The PUD can’t guarantee that actual “green” electrons will reach your home or business, but the amount you purchase will be delivered to the Northwest power grid.

By purchasing green power, you are helping to support the development of renewable energy projects that are better for the environment, and for future generations.

For more information please call  Jim Dolan or Lori Holmes in the Energy Services Department.