Standard Tort Claim Form

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Public Utility District No. 2 of Pacific County offers a Standard Tort Claim as a request for consideration for reimbursement of damages incurred.

The District adopted service policies in the interest of, “efficiency, economy, appearance, safety, and good operating practices in the distribution of electric energy” to its customers in 1978. The details and specifications of these policies are written to conform to national, state, county, and city laws governing the electrical industry and are not intended to violate such laws.

All claims will be investigated and if the claim is deemed acceptable all reasonable damages will be reimbursed. The Standard Tort Claim Form must be completed and returned to our office to begin the process.

The following is a brief overview of the claim process:

  • The auditor must be notified of any damaged equipment when the customer first inquires about a damage claim and reserves the right to view this equipment before it is repaired or replaced.
  • Any damaged item(s) of an approximate value of $100.00 or more must be accompanied by a service order estimating the cost to repair or noting that the item is beyond repair.
  • Any payment by the District for replacement or repairs to damaged equipment has to be approved by the Auditor. The PUD reserves the right to accept/deny any claim based on our investigation. The customer assumes all risk for incurred repair costs or replacement of damaged items if the PUD denies the claim.
  • A Standard Tort Claim Form must be completed, notarized and returned to the PUD with attached invoices and/or receipts. The claim will be investigated and the Districts’ Auditor will mail a letter to you after the incident has been reviewed. If you have not received an answer within thirty days you should contact the PUD.
  • If your claim has been accepted, the Auditor will process the claim and notify you when you may pick up your check. A Release of All Claims Form must be completed, signed and notarized to receive payment. If your claim has been denied, you may wish to file a claim with your insurance company.
If you have any questions, please contact Angie Enlow, Auditor

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