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"PUD" stands for "Public Utility District".
PUDs are created by a local government body, such as a city or county, and provide public utilities (i.e. electricity, water, wholesale telecommunications, etc.) to the residents of that district.
In Washington State, 23 PUDs are the source of electricity for almost 700,000 customers.
You can find out more about Washington State’s public utility Districts at
Our PUD provides electricity to nearly 17,000 customers throughout Pacific County, as well as supplying water services to Bay Center, Lebam, and Wilson Point.
We also provide wholesale high-speed telecommunication bandwidth to local Internet Service Providers and cable companies.
Outages caused by storms can be severe and widespread, making it virtually impossible to accurately predict how long restorations will take - especially in the early phases, while the extent of damage is still being assessed.
High-voltage transmission lines must be given first priority as they supply electricity to the entire distribution system. Substations are repaired next in order to energize the local distribution lines, of which, may also have suffered damage in multiple locations.
All these factors affect our ability to predict when a specific customer's power will be restored.
Customers are only charged for the amount of electricity that they actually use. Whenever service is interrupted, your meter does not record any electric usage, so there are no charges incurred during that time period.
Electricity and water customers are billed on a monthly basis.
Electricity is measured and priced in kilowatt-hours (kWh). You are billed according to the number of kilowatt-hours you use as recorded by your electric meter. When you pay for a kWh of electricity, you are paying for 1,000 watts of electricity used continuously for one hour. As an example, one kWh is the amount of electricity a 100-watt light bulb will use in ten hours.
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